HackIT | ESI's first hackathon

March 2K17

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Get To Know HackIt.

Hack IT is the first Hackathon in the Higher National School of Computer Engineering, it is organized by the Scientific Club of ESI (CSE), the biggest student's club of the school. During a whole weekend, participants from all over the country will be gathered in the first school of Algeria to learn about new technologies, develop solutions for the different problems that will be announced.

Why HackIT.

HackIT is a great opportunity for every participant to meet many other talented hackers and also experienced speakers and coaches.

Registration To HackIT.

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Where HackIT will take place

The National School of computer Science engineering, is one of the most prestigious schools of engineering in Algeria. The students spend five years in order to get the engineering degree (Master degree). The studies at ESI are divided into three periods :
1- Two years of integrated preparatory classes ;
2- One common upper year ;
3 - Two speciality years, where the students will be able to choose between three specialities : Computer systems, Information systems and Systems and Software Engineering. The school has as a mission to develop engineers with the ability of integrating any kind of situation with different types of problems to resolve.